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Adventurers LLP is a quick-to-play, silly game for 2 - 4 players. You control your very own Limited Liabilty Partnership of adventurers on a quest for glory! And I do mean it's all about the glory! Whether you do the work is optional. As long as you get the credit! So, bust out that pinstripe suit because it's time to business!

The basic gist of gameplay is you spend your turns recruiting Adventurers, making them as powerful as you can, while hindering your opponent's Adventurers as much as possible. Every so often an Opportunity arises. Whoever has the best party gets the glory!

A the moment, Adventurers LLP is a work in progress, but we have already completed most of the artwork. If you want to know when the game is completed, stay in the loop by following us on social media.


Adventurers have various stats. More stats = more power! There are many ways to boost your Adventurers stats, but beware! When your Adventurers take damage, they lose stats.

Every Adventurer also has their own unique ability!

Succubus Card
Succubus Adventure Card (WIP card layout)


Your adventurers of course will need to be equipped with the best items you can get your hands on.

Magic Dagger Card
Magic Dagger Card (WIP card layout)


Just because you are safe in your office, doesn't mean you can't support your Adventurers in the field!

Do you part to bring glory to your company with Actions!

Slander Card
Slander Card (WIP card layout)


As you and your Adventurers chase glory, you will certainly face obstacles. Reactions let you address those adversities head on as they occur.

Field Medic Card
Field Medic Card (WIP card layout)


Every so often, an opportunity to bring glory to your business will present itself. Be sure your Adventurers are prepared for the challenge! Well, at least more prepared than any other party.

In the modern world, opportunities come in all forms. Not everything is about fighting physically! Your Adventurers will need to versed in a variety of skills to seize the day in the modern world.

Idol Contest Card
Idol Contest Card (WIP card layout)